It’s the simple things that get us excited about life; morning cups of coffee and laughing with our daughters are top of the list. We believe that, at its core, love is a very simple thing. A wedding might come with its own styles, vibes and rollercoasters, but the love at the center remains beautifully straightforward.

Your story brought you all the way here – trust us, it’s worth reliving over and over again. Not just the grand moments, but the small ones too. The intimate, the simple, the in between…all the little things you might just forget but shouldn’t have to!

We combine our twin inspirations of fashion and art to ensure your day is captured artistically, honestly and emotionally. We love candid shots, but we’ll also come in with gentle direction when necessary to bring our signature nostalgic flair to each and every moment.

And we get it, we live in a modern world! But everything is going to be nostalgic someday, it’s just a matter of perspective…and it’s a perspective we happen to love.

Here's Our Why

Hello y'all!

Our world revolves around our two little women, Mariah & Sophia.

Mariah is our firstborn tender-hearted daughter. She’s eight years old, full of compassion and love for the world around her (and beyond!). Her love language comes in the form of expressing herself and emotional communication. She loves the great outdoors, drawing Pokemon and playing tricks on her Dad!

Sophia is our second little woman. She’s six years old and already a witty character with a vast soul. She’s teaching us so much on a daily basis; patience, the importance of silliness, and how to laugh through it all. She adores colorful things, speaking her mind and following her heart when it comes to things she believes in.



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Simply put, we love living the simple life! We find so much value in it and more than anything, we seek to create a life we’re passionate about. This passion comes through in our everyday routines, the pleasures of simplicity - homeschooling our daughters, setting out on random fishing trips and lazy beach days, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, enjoying nature as a family, serving at church and growing together with the people we love. 



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Our Philosophy

Storytelling that brings folks together  

We believe that love should be celebrated, held up and shouted from the rooftops! That’s why all our packages are tailor-made to give you An Experience. More than just a pretty set of photos – a complete sensory retrospective. We incorporate sound, video, albums and other audiovisual techniques to re-immerse you in your day (as well as a few lil’ gifts along the way to make your time with us extra memorable).

We want to listen to your story so that we’re able to really tell it through our upbeat videography and emotive wedding photography in Houston, TX (or anywhere else in the U.S.). Every moment, every gesture. As parents, we know how high emotions run on a wedding day. It’s a family affair, with all the intensity that comes along for the ride. The hopes, dreams and love we have for our daughters are the inspiration to tell your story the best we can. We know how much it means to you now, and how much you’ll treasure it in the years ahead.



words from our couples

Xiomara & Kenny

"Thank you so much for coming out to San Antonio and capturing such beautiful pictures. I’ve literally looked at my wedding gallery like 20 times already."

"If I can give him a 10 star I would! I seriously was in tears of joy so happy with everything."

Krystal & Polo

"On our wedding day JB and Val were very professional and easy to work with. They were very efficient but didn't make us feel rushed and made sure to get all the photos we had on our list. We have gotten so many compliments and we love reliving our special day!"

Emily & Kyle

Telling your story with a lot of love, a lot of respect.

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