What we care most about are simple things. Spending time with our daughters, morning cups of coffee, being present for all that each day brings, laughing with family and friends, being intentional through love, connections, and living faithfully— just time lived purposefully and wholeheartedly.

We want to make your moments last, all the moments that make up who you are, the joy that your day brings, and what your love in this very moment in time looks like. 

Your story is worth preserving and reliving over and over again. Not just the big moments, the simple and candid stuff in-between… the connections, intimacy, and all the little moments that get lost in time. 

Our Why

Hello y'all!

Our hearts revolve around raising two little women:

Mariah & Sophia.

Mariah is our extremely compassionate and tender-hearted daughter. She is a seven year old girl who emotionally connects with the great big world around her and beyond. Her love language is found through expressing how she feels and communication. Some of her favorite things to do include drawing Pokemon, reading Harry Potter, playing tricks on dad, and being outdoors.

Sophia is our tiniest girl. She is five years old and filled with witty character and the biggest sounds of laughter come out of her soul. She teaches us patience, silliness, and keeps us all entertained and surprised daily. Our littlest girl loves colorful things, thinking outside of the box, speaking her mind, and following what she believes in.



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More than anything we seek creating a life that we’re passionate about which is why we find much value in living intentionally through the simplicity of: homeschooling our daughters, taking random fishing trips and beach days during the week, spending time in the kitchen together, being in the garden with our daughters, feeding our souls through reading, serving at church, and growing with people and friends we love. 

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Our Philosophy


For us, documenting your wedding day is about storytelling– not just clicking a button to render a photo. 

Storytelling is artistry which creates connections between people through many emotions– joy, sadness, love, forgiveness, hope and even intimate contact.

As parents, we're naturally drawn to all of the emotions that come with a wedding day. We know how difficult it might be for dad to let go of his daughter or the idea that mom is no longer the "only" woman in her sons life. The hopes, dreams and love that we have for our daughters is our core inspirations for every wedding. 

We want to listen to your story so that we can tell it better. You can rest assure that we will go above and beyond to preserve all of the emotion filled moments that will tell YOUR story for years to come. 



words from our couples

Xiomara & Kenny

Thank you so much for coming out to San Antonio and capturing such beautiful pictures. I’ve literally looked at my wedding gallery like 20 times already.

If I can give him a 10 star I would! I seriously was in tears of joy so happy with everything .

Krystal & Polo

On our wedding day JB and Val were very professional and easy to work with. They were very efficient but didn't make us feel rushed and made sure to get all the photos we had on our list. We have gotten so many compliments and we love reliving our special day!

Emily & Kyle

TWO Souls ONE Story

No story is one and the same. Yours will be artfully tuned to celebrate your love. 

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